Bayrak Family - in awareness of the need of a rapid development and modernization in Turkey to catch up with the changing global environment - has been in construction business since 1994, and has successfully completed numerous projects, e.g., NATO Headquarters, Şanlıurfa Airport, Güllük Port and Maslak Interchange.

Airports were constructed with runways, aprons, military lighting systems, uninterruptable power supplies, passenger and cargo terminals, heating and airconditioning systems, fire systems, aerodromes, fighter jet shelters, aircraft fuel storage tanks, pumping stations, fuel filtration and fuel filling systems. Also ports, wave breakers, piers, underwater pipelines and terminal systems, blast proof and electromagnetic proof buildings and bunkers and control stations, pipelines, interchanges and roads, mass housing and, military and public buildings have successfully constructed since 1994.

Today, we are still actively involved in the construction sector through Bayrak Automotive Ltd and Baydak Construction Ltd.