Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Bayrak Otomotoiv Ltd,

  • is operating in compliance with OHSAS 18001 in occupational safety, ISO 14001 in environmental issues and ISO 9001 in quality management,
  • has the capability and international experience in providing a healthy and safe workplace regardless of differences between work places and working systems,
  • prepares its business plans following "Zero Error Policy",
  • provides "Overall Risk Assessment Training" to all of its employees covering Bayrak Otomotiv's previous projects,
  • applies a work based permission and leave system towards its employees to ensure occupational health and safety,
  • regularly reviews its plans and procedures for occupational safety, and applies necessary changes,
  • effectively applies the "ISG Reporting System" that reports and takes corrective actions against identified deficiencies in the system,
  • investigates and finds out the reasons of each work accident through "Accident Research Team", and takes instant precautions,
  • aims to reduce occupational hazards to the lowest grade of ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable).